Laplace Building Solutions

Laplace Building Solutions works in building management solutions, specialising in the design, installation and commissioning of building control systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning - improving energy expenditure and reducing environmental impact.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our relationships with key stakeholders. We believe our success lies in developing strong relationships with our partners, employees and most importantly, our clients. We aim to meet and exceed clients’ expectations in our range of building management control solutions, which are tailored to suit individual needs.

What we do

Our team of Trend expert certified engineers offer innovative, cost effective solutions to meet your energy management needs, from HVAC controls and panels to Building and Energy Management  Systems (BEMS).

As part of Laplace Solutions, we benefit from the available skills and products in process control and instrumentation to further tailor a bespoke and comprehensive solution.

Our Aim

To provide cost-effective solutions for control and energy management systems, delivered on time and within budget, which meet and exceed our clients expectations.

We equally aim to improve energy expenditure for customers and reduce environmental impact.

Our Vision

To be best in class at delivering client satisfaction.

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